SEDERHOLM Public Affairs, Inc. is a professional consulting firm specializing in the design and implementation of government affairs and public affairs programs

SPA, Inc. draws on more than 30 years of practical, “hands-on” experience in applying the various elements and activities involved in building successful public affairs programs – the lobbying, political and analysis functions of government affairs, combined with the grassroots, communications, management and positioning functions of public affairs – to create a client product that is highly creative, responsive, efficient and cost-effective.

Company Bios:

Pamela Sederholm

Traci Peters

Courtney Groff


SPA, Inc. has built a strong reputation based on the satisfaction of our clients and the success of the programs and projects we build for them.  We take a team approach to our services, maximizing the range of talents held by our professionals. We are substantive, creative, flexible, and fair.  And always, we produce!